"Time for change", "Crystal Winds" and "Anahata"
These CDs contain calm, harmonious music and beautiful sounds of nature. The CDs contain a warm and quiet sound image that is ideal for stress reduction, meditation, qi-Gong, Tai Chi, Pilataes etc.

The tunes are so beautiful that they almost make you hurt for joy deep into the soul. How much quiet joy can a person contain without overflowing? The album includes beautiful details to make you loose yourself, and to enchant you forever every time you listen to it.

"Wisdom from the past"
Incredibly beautiful music - slow melodies interwoven with ethnic vocals create an outstanding album.

The album "Deep Silence" has a more deep, mystic ambiance.

The music on "In the trees near by" and "Frozen Planet" is characterized by contrasts and changing moods. Some of the tracks contain short texts being read as part of the music. These albums can take you to places you did not think you could ever go.


Photo: Susanne Heart