About Egil Vihanga Fylling

Egil Fylling is widely regarded as a composer of meditation music in Scandinavia, and his CDs are used in numerous treatment facilities, as well as in work shops and group sessions. Many people also use Egil's music to find calm in their busy everyday lives.

Egil Fylling is a composer, arranger and synthesizer/keyboard player. He often combines symfonic synthesizers with melodic themes, compelling rhythms and dynamic sounds. He also adds authentic nature sounds, vocals, and acoustic instruments into mix. His music depicts various aspects of consciousness through both quiet and floating/relaxing music and more symphonic/progressive works.


He comes from Ålesund on the west coast of Norway - a place surrounded by deep fjords, high mountains, islands, and the vast ocean. The ever changing nature has been a great source of inspiration and has been emerged and expressed in his music.


He was raised on his parents farm, and went to agriculture school before he moved away to study and write music. In Music Academy he met a collegue (Bjørn Ole Rasch) that worshiped E L P. At home Bjørn Ole had lots of keyboards. From that time on, Egil Fylling's musical career was on its way.


Synthesizer technology combined with his classic oriented musical education, as well as the mystery of the universe has formed his music.

Egil Fylling's music have been used a lot by Norwegian State Broadcasting (NRK) for several popular programs, in both radio and television.

Egil Fylling also composes music for multimedia purposes.


During a long hospital stay in 1996, Egil was close to death several times, and the doctors were surprised to see that he turned out OK. This was the start of a long journey, looking for a deeper resonance within himself and with his surroundings, and the music emerged as a natural expression of this longing for balance and harmony. After many years of looking for ‘something more,’ in 2005 he met the master Vasant Swaha who said:
"welcome, everything is already there"


Complete works:

Made in heaven 1985
Bound for space 1987
For earth below 1990
Blomar i ei natt 1994
Hey, you, listen 1997

Englene Sang Den 1997
In The Trees Near By 1998
Anahata 1999
Breath 2000
Frozen Planet 2001
Deep Silence 2002
Guidede Meditasjoner 2002
Hvil deg litt 2003
En reise gjennom Chakraene 2004
Wisdom from the past 2006


Nature photos: Egil Fylling
Portrait photos: Tove Elin Berg